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Mission, Goals and Outcomes


The mission of the Engineering and Technology Management program (ENGT) is to develop technical/management professionals who understand a wide range of subject matter and are competent in assessing challenges and opportunities, developing alternative solutions, and taking corrective actions.

General Program Outcomes

1. The application of significant knowledge of theories, concepts and principles found in the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences, including a foundation in oral & written communications.

2. The understanding of the theory and application of the principles and concepts of mathematical and physical sciences and information technology.

3. The application of concepts derived from, and current skills developed in, a variety of technical disciplines including, but not limited to, materials and production processes, industrial management and human relations, graphics communication, marketing, electronics, safety and fluid power systems.

Program Learning Outcomes

ENGT students will be able to:

1. Apply graphics communications to solve industrial problems.

2. Apply concepts of electricity and electronics to solve industrial problems.

3. Apply concepts of safety in industrial applications.

4. Explain management concepts of employer relations and industrial supervision.

5. Communicate effectively using written communication.

6. Communicate effectively using oral communication.

7. Apply mathematical, statistical and scientific principles to industrial situations to maintain and enhance the work within industry.

8. Use the computer proficiently as well as information technology as an essential tool in planning, monitoring, and controlling of work within industry.

9. Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of fluid power systems to solve industrial problems.