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Faculty & Staff

Our engineering technology faculty and staff are leaders in their fields. As subject matter experts and dedicated educators, their passion is for providing students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to become future leaders, thinkers, and doers.

Shelton Houston, Ph.D.

Professor and Engineering Technology Department Head
(337) 482-5737
Rougeou Hall, Room 247

Cherif Aissi, D.Sc.

Professor and Graduate Coordinator
(337) 482-6971
Rougeou Hall, Room 218

Molly Guidry

Administrative Assistant
(337) 482-6968
Rougeou Hall, Room 255

Sharon LaHood

(337) 482-5186
Rougeou Hall, Room 228

Joe Jordan, Ph.D.

(337) 482-1364
Rougeou Hall, Room 229

Joseph Kelly

(337) 482-5909
Rougeou Hall, Room 230

Ahmed Khattab, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor
BoRSF Endowed Professor of Engineering
Director of the Laboratory for Composite Materials
(337) 482-6166
Madison Hall, Room 106 (Dean's Office)
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Faculty, Department of Engineering Technology
(337) 482-5354
Rougeou Hall, Room 245

William E. Mueller

Associate Professor
(337) 482-5885
Rougeou Hall, Room 216

Harvey Ozbirn

Computer Systems Manager, College of Engineering
Instructor, Engineering Technology
(337) 482-6850
Rougeou Hall, Room 283

Emmanuel Revellame, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(337) 482-6983
Rougeou Hall, Room 229

Robert Vanderlick

Laboratory Technician
(337) 482-1012
Rougeou Hall, Room 136